Saturday, October 4, 2008


If all I manage is to breathe
It is alright.
When my eyes can’t hold themselves open
It won’t make any difference
In how You feel about me;
You let me rest.

“Be still”, You say.
“I am God”.
Now I know
What You meant
When You said
“Be still”.

This is all I need know for now:
You are all that I need to be.
All that I cannot be, You are.
You will never stop
You will never end
You will always be
What I can never be
For me.

If I never move from here
If my mind gives way to madness
I will not have moved
Away from my place
In You.

If I never lift a finger
Speak a word
Pray a prayer
You will
Still keep me.
Your thoughts
Will be for me.

I am deformed
Yet lovely.
I am empty, void of good
But full of every good thing
That comes from You.

I am learning
As You teach
Where to look:
To You.

I am dead.
My life is hid.
With Christ.
In God.
In You.

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