Make me smaller, Jesus
Wipe my "self" away

Show me only rather
What You would have me say

Let me first consider
Before I start to speak

What You've said already
You, so mild and meek

Help me not consider
What man may think of me

Help me show them You Lord
So You,in me, they'll see


At The Cross

Not for a moment only
To lift my weight of sin
Nor simply to grant freedom 
And peace so deep within 
But looking unto Jesus
Each moment I believe
Continually, forever
His blessings I receive

His body does not hang there
The nails, the wood, are gone
But in His body, always
The precious wounds belong

They serve as a reminder
Of all that they procured
And in them I find refuge
By them, my heart is stirred

His cross has cast its shadow
From 'ere time had begun
it reaches to the future
Its victory is won
His cross has been my portion
Has healed my broken past
It still will lead me onward
As long as life will last
For 'neath the cross of Jesus
So tiny I become
Each care and worry shrinking
Each knot of fear undone
Its shadow is my blanket
Of peace and promised rest
I curl up, safe, contented
His grace becomes my nest
My heart is sure to wander
Play fast and loose with grace
But gently He will bring me
Back to my hiding place
I cling to His dear promise
I gladly run the race
Keep looking unto Jesus
Until I see His face


If all I manage is to breathe
It is alright.
When my eyes can’t hold themselves open
It won’t make any difference
In how You feel about me;
You let me rest.

“Be still”, You say.
“I am God”.
Now I know
What You meant
When You said
“Be still”.

This is all I need know for now:
You are all that I need to be.
All that I cannot be, You are.
You will never stop
You will never end
You will always be
What I can never be
For me.

If I never move from here
If my mind gives way to madness
I will not have moved
Away from my place
In You.

If I never lift a finger
Speak a word
Pray a prayer
You will
Still keep me.
Your thoughts
Will be for me.

I am deformed
Yet lovely.
I am empty, void of good
But full of every good thing
That comes from You.

I am learning
As You teach
Where to look:
To You.

I am dead.
My life is hid.
With Christ.
In God.
In You.



Can anything be more precious in life,
Than a heart that is right with the LORD?

Could money obtain, secure, or regain,
The rest only grace can afford?

An apple, so shiny, and bright red, with candy,
Can sparkle and catch the eye

But hidden within, are bruises, like sin,
That fester unseen, and defile.

O joy of knowing His forgiving embrace,
Of meeting His gaze without shame.

Much dearer and priceless, more lovely by far,
Than all idols your heart longed to claim.

O LORD grant us grace, these lessons to learn,
Us who are dull, fickle, and vain.

We long to be like you, our heart next to yours,
With nary a blemish or stain.

Teach us our weakness, our proneness to fail,
So daily we might look to You,

For strength and discernment, and grace, to prevail,
In striving to be, like You, true.

Reward here and now, in knowing You near,
So rich, undeserved, and so sweet;

To think that there waits, in heaven, for us,
Delights that we have yet to meet.

But may we look forward, in all of our hope,
Most often, most deeply, with love,

To the moment, and moments, forever to come,
Seeing You, face to face, at last Home.



Winds that blast across the fields;
Dry cold, they steal your breath,

And take away what little warmth
The sun gives, in their path.

Tiny birds chirp bitter words
While huddled tight in branches.

Squirrels scurry; quickly now!
For food they take their chances.

Sound asleep the flowers seem,
Hid deep beneath the earth.

Waiting Spring so patiently,
And with it, once more birth.

Dark and drear the days may be
When pondered on their own.

But think behind to years gone past;
Each season, as it’s flown

So quickly by has always brought
The next, in faithful keeping.

We have this hope, it will be done;
Again, buds will be peeping!

And while we bear with nights so long,
So dark, no light is seen,

We still can be so thankful now
As when all things are green.

The Faithful One who holds all things
Each moment will remain;

His hand upon all that He’s made
And life He will sustain.

For so it pleases him to do;
He made us for His pleasure!

And when we gaze out at this earth
We’ll see a hidden treasure.

This world is His and all that’s in;
We only these things borrow!

Our lives He holds, our hope He is,
For all of our tomorrows.



We’ll know You when we see You, Lord
When freed from this life’s hold,

And carried to our final home
To walk on streets of gold.

While in this earthly body now
Our eyes but dimly see.

The beauty that is fully Yours
We’ll view eternally.

For now as in a glass so dim
With feeble sight, in part.

But then full known You’ll be to us,
As us to You now art.

We’ll need no one to introduce us.
Standing at Your throne,

You’ll look at us with that same love
That let us be Your own.

We’ll know You by the wounds You bear.
Though given long ago.

These marks You will forever wear
That all may look and know

The price You paid to set us free,
When led so meek and mild,

You took our place at Calvary
So each would be Your child.

With faith we look to what will be
When we will be transformed.

Completely from all sin set free
Pure worship we’ll perform.

This truth to us an anchor sure
We wait in hope, enduring;

So zealous to have hearts made pure
To show at Your appearing.

All praise and thanks to You we give
For only by Your grace

We have eternal life to live
And strength to run this race.

The here and now is but a taste
Of what You have in store

When not a second will we waste;
We’ll praise forevermore.

So till that time when faith is sight
O Lord be pleased to give

Your grace to make our hearts more right;
Our lives to you we’ll live.

“For now we see in a mirror dimly, but
then face to face; now I know in part,
but then I will know fully just as I also
have been fully known.” (1Cor 13:12)



Weary and worn, tattered and torn,
my sin to you I brought.

I thought that I could somehow keep
its damage down to naught.

And so sin has had its way in me
in all its wretched death.

Stole my peace, my joy, my strength,
I scarce have kept my breath.

I leave all with you, now, dear Lord
on Your mercy I depend.

My soul to heal, my strength to be
Your grace, mine to the end.

So close I came, and nearly fell,
to the bottom of the pit,

That sin had surely made for me;
But Your grace kept me from it.

So much wicked treachery,
I contemplate within.

So much grieving it deserves,
Until I smile again.

But I could mourn forever, Lord,
and never grieve enough,

For that which caused Your blood to fall,
Your last breath on that cross.

Then in Your lovingkindness, now,
would You impart to me,

Your own permission that I might
joy in what’s yet to be.

No other hope, I find, than this
No other place to trust

Than in Your own unchanging love
and Your great faithfulness.



“Don’t look at me!” I want to say. "Don’t judge Him by my words.
My thoughts are selfish, my motives weak, My heart, it must be stirred."

To do His will, I know I must, For what else was I born?
Yet still I struggle, and hold so tight, to that which I should shun.

His grace is all that I can boast of, His love my only hope.
I wish that I could show to you where I was on that slippery slope!

He seemed to grab me just in time, I had slipped right to the brink.
But He had other plans for me, and of His mercy I did drink.

From that time on, Himself to me, in wisdom He has shown.
I am His, and He is mine, His guarantee I’ve known.

I long to show Him now to you, but prideful flesh intrudes.
It threatens me with fear and doubt, till my zeal is subdued.

Yet hope still lives, His will be done; He is the Sovereign true.
And so my feeble self I give, His Spirit to endue.



The mighty walls, made ready, the gates await the day
When righteousness may enter, and evil fade away.
We trust in Thee, our Saviour, we trust in Thee, our King
To smooth the path before us, that praises we may bring.

Thy Name is our great longing, our best and only rest.
Thy hand has been upon us, our head upon Thy breast.
In perfect peace You keep us, when thoughts we keep on Thee.
We know Thou wilt not leave us, thy faithfulness we see.

Almighty Lord, forever, Thy praises we will sing
In that eternal city, our worship we will bring.
Oh help us make our time here, a monument to Thee
Who brings the righteous homeward; forever Yours we'll be.

(Sung to tune of "Oh Sacred Head, Now Wounded")
Isaiah 26:1-8



I called You "Daddy" yesterday
As so quickly I did pray
In thanks for all You do for me.
My heart was full! There had to be
Some kind of letting out

Of all that joy accumulated
Grace on grace,I calculated
From before I was yet born.
Blessings rich upon me poured
Beyond what I can count.

It just leapt out so naturally;
"Thank you Daddy!". Could it be
My heart is melting ever slowly
As Yo look on me, so lowly;
Yet precious in your sight!

Why are You so good to me?
I don't deserve it, can't you see?
I've gone for years with head bowed low;
For surely all the world must know
How far I am from right.

But You have lifted up my head!
And now I need no longer dread
The present, past or what's to come
I'm in You now, forever home
Content to simply be.

Thank you Father, from my heart
My life is Yours, in every part
Your goodness flows beyond all measure
Lord you are my dearest treasure;
You are so good to me!


I saw the tree, how bent it grew,
Tall standing, hanging o’er.
It seemed to reach the highest height,
Could knock on Heaven’s door!

All bare, the branches made their mark
Set dark against the sky.
Their gracious foliage stripped away,
For winter’s drawing nigh.

What was it made that sturdy trunk
To lean as though to tumble?
Had raging wind so fiercely pressed
While summer storm did rumble?

No matter now, its place is set,
Nor can there be a question.
It reigns above the neighbourhood;
Almost defies destruction!

And there it grows, withstanding time;
How long ago its birth!
Its rugged arms long, reaching out,
Its roots dig deep the earth.

Though majesty it now enjoys
And seems will ever be,
Like every living, growing thing
It will Death’s stamp yet see.

In ages still to come, perhaps,
Though only God can say,
Disease and weakness it will know;
Its life will slip away.

As with all things this earth brings forth
It will wax old, defeated.
Return to that from which it came,
Its purpose be completed.



I’ll spell out in a little rhyme
My wish for you this Christmas time.

This season, special though it be
Is not the only time, you see

To celebrate and praises give
For what God did so we might live.

We love to look with tender eyes
On Baby Jesus, where He lies

And wonder at Him, sweet and mild
This precious, tiny, Saviour Child.

But did you know that even now
He reigns above, and we should bow,

Give worship, honour, and adore;
He’s not a baby anymore!

He grew up like us, so He knew
All that we face; He faced it too!

He knows our greatest need is met
When He forgives our sins, and yet

We still resist, and He must move
To open hearts, and to us prove

That He is all we’ll ever need,
And in us place one tiny seed

Of faith that saves, and holds us fast
Until we see His face at last.

And so my wish, my prayer for you
Is that in grace, He would so do

If you have not Him yet received
Into your heart, then I would plead

That you might please consider then
Long past when Chrismas Season ends

This Jesus Christ, Who owns each day;
He is the Life, the Truth, the Way.



I know You’re there Lord, waiting,waiting,
In our meeting place.
I hear You whisper “come to me,
Let go life’s hurried pace.”

How long, O Lord, since we last met,
Since last our hearts did touch?
The loss is mine, since Martha-like
I worry over much

Of here and now and what’s to be,
And things I’ve left undone.
When all the while I’ve set aside
My precious Holy One.

For since you first took back my heart
I’ve known Your tender grace
To be my greatest peace and strength.
My joy, to seek Your face.

In days gone by, my heart would burst
With news to share with You.
With songs of praise and thankfulness,
And prayers yet to come true.

In those dear times, I heard you speak
Your wisdom without words.
You showed my heart that Holy Writ
My mind had only heard.

How can this be? What caused my heart
To turn to other treasures?
When at your feet, sweet Jesus Lord,
I’ve known unending pleasures.

O won’t You now to me impart
Once more Your healing grace?
Restore my heart to one of flesh,
That I may see Your face?

For even though I’ve turned aside,
Let vanity hold sway,
I still know deep within my soul
You are the only way.

To life and hope and joy and peace.
I love You Lord, ‘tis true.
But please give grace to this poor heart
That I may more love You.