Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long Time No See

Thought I should pop in and say hello. I haven't been visiting the Blogosphere much lately. I have been focusing in other directions; some of necessity, others by choice. Plus I am finding it difficult these days to put my thoughts down. But will give it a try here.

There is one theme, though, that I have been dwelling on. I have been away from work for over 4 months now. It doesn't seem possible. In some ways I am disappointed that I have had so much free time, and accomplished so little. But when I really think about it, this time has been a gift, straight from the Father of Lights.

Did you ever want to start over? If your life has been lived on a treadmill, the way mine has for years, I'm sure the thought must have occurred to you. To pull the plug. Hit the emergency "STOP" button. To yell "somebody get me off this thing!" Anyhow, that is how I have felt for a long time. I was going through the days, the weeks, the months, the years, feeling pushed from behind and pulled from every direction. No time to think. No time to rest. No time to listen to what Holy Spirit might be saying to me. I heard many other voices; from friends, family, the media, colleagues, teachers and preachers and writers. I tried to keep up with them all; all the demands, advice, perceived (on my part) expectations. It was like trying to dance to 6 different songs at the same time. I'm not placing blame, only on myself. I'm the one that let my Father's voice be drowned out. I'm the one that jumped through all the hoops, and stopped running into His arms.

So now I am in a better place, I think. Even though I am not "well" by some standards. I am finding peace. I am finding contentment. I am living at a slower speed, and letting myself be gently led, instead of frantically trying to "keep up". It's a new way to be, and it has been a difficult adjustment. But I am grateful, oh so grateful, to have this opportunity. I pray that much will be accomplished on the inside of me, even as I sort through the tangible aspects of life, clearing away the clutter, and finding that sweet, simple, easy rest that is to be ours in Christ.

I pray too that if you are feeling the pressures of this world, that you will ask our Lord to show you how to shut out all voices save His, so He can show you that easy yoke, and light burden, that He will share with you.

Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ to you all.