Monday, October 20, 2008

Considering Creation

I have of late been marveling in the created world that I see around me, from the tiniest insect to the incomprehensible vastness of the universe. At the same time, I have been considering the creative bent that is in humankind, and the varied ways that it is expressed, in art, literature, music, dance, fashion design, architecture; the list is long and varied

We are not all artists in the strictest sense, but we can all be creative. Indeed, the desire to create is innate in us. As toddlers, we pick up crayons and play doh in our first efforts to replicate things familiar to us. These attempts continue as we grow older, as we try to imitate and reproduce the beauty of nature through various mediums. We do this instinctively, as we respond to what we see and experience in our daily lives.

In creating our world, God began with nothing. His designs are far beyond anything mankind can come up with, in spite of the advances that we make daily. God’s creation of man was judged by Him to be “very good” (Gen 1:31).We are still learning of the complexities that are involved in our physical, emotional and spiritual makeup.

Over the centuries, we see a vast array of evidences of the creative spark that is in us, left there by our Creator. These abilities can be used in helpful, benevolent ways, or for destructive purposes. We can create beauty, in the soul’s aspiration to somehow replicate what is all around us, in the wonder of God’s Creation. We can even glorify God, as a worshipful response to Him, acknowledging His incredible wisdom and creative power as we praise Him through the many means He has made available to us.

In the busyness of life, and amidst the continual technological advances of mankind, I find it wonderfully refreshing and humbling to pause and give thought to the awesome wonder of creation, and of God’s sustaining power in the universe. As I do, I re-align my priorities, realizing afresh the many blessings He has bestowed upon His creatures, and His goodness in doing so.

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” (Rev.4:11, NIV)

Living Proof

I cast my eye about one day
In mainly careless gesture,
Not meaning in my glance to find
E’en one thing that would then remind
Me of this world’s Creator.

But lo, behold! Before my eyes
Too many things to count!
A vast array of species lay,
Some flora, fauna, birds of prey;
We must no longer doubt.

There is a force unseen by us
Upholding hour by hour.
Though we give little thought to this
That every moment we exist
We’re girded by this power.

All these, and that means us, you see,
With life and breath are nourished.
A grand design, before all time,
Made only with His will in mind.
We’ll by His power have flourished,

Until His purpose be fulfilled,
Though much is hidden now.
We will yet see what’s meant to be,
All one in Christ so perfectly;
Before Him all will bow.


getting there said...

Beautiful Post Maureen! God is the best artist isn't he! I am blessed to live by the sea and whilst I clean the house, I see the waves crashing, and they crash in Honour of God, the moutains alone are breathtaking evidence of God's awesomeness.

For me, the best is the sunset and colour in the sky. I am an artist myself but I could never paint a sky so beautiful!

Walking Church said...

It is amazing how quickly some people are in tune to spiritual when they get off the tread mill - I have seen this many times in our walkingchurch times of fellowship. Some, become very child-like (not childish) when placed in this milieu. It is like there senses just open up.

I noticed you posted some pics of the universe - I have used some in the past from the Nasa site. When we try to wrap our mind about the bigger picture, where we are in the universe and our is humbling.

If you look at the earth as a cross section profile...we exist on a very fragile crust, most of it water...go up 5 miles or down 5 miles we cease to exist, unless we are somehow protected. You can't really live anywhere cannot grow food, your muscles die etc. Too deep you melt due to heat - go too high you freeze!

And yet year after year Abba faithful provides just the right temps and moisture to keep our bellies fat and happy with food and drink.

Truly only the blind fool says: 'There is no God'!

Maureen said...

Hi getting there. I don't know what is my "best". Hard to say. October is my favourite month, because of the colors and the little bit of chill in the air. You are blessed indeed to live by the sea.

Walking Church I know what you mean. I see my grandchildren running and rolling around in wide open, grassy spaces and I want to join them. We need more "off treadmill" time, that's for sure.

I am fascinated by the universe. Just reading some of the facts regarding size and distance of what is out there staggers my mind. The universe is like God, in that we can't get our minds around the size of Him.

The fact that so many don't acknowledge Him is proof of the spiritual blinders that we all have until He, in His grace, removes them from our eyes.

Anonymous said...

After reading this post:


Maureen said...

Thanks Anon. We can NEVER make too much of Him, can we?

Praise Him forever!