Saturday, October 11, 2008

Never Ending

I was thinking recently of all the folks I have been connecting with online, and how there is an instant “connection” with them when we have that one thing in common- a desire to know the one true God in an ever deepening way. A lot of the time, we don’t know what the other person looks like. I asked one new friend how old her children are, so I can guess at her age. But for the most part, we are “ageless” to one another.

In most of the communications, we get right to the point; sharing the life of Christ within us. Age is not a factor. I am 54 years old. That seems old to some, young to others. When I am talking to people in their thirties, I tend to think that they will consider me “old”. I want to say, “yes, I am 20, or 30, or whatever years older than you, but inside I am still young. I connected with you right away, because your heart is in the same place as mine.”

Yesterday I was trying to pinpoint exactly what it was that made me feel so young, and able to connect with others, no matter what their age. I came up with the notion that it is because we are connecting in a spiritual way. We are dealing with the things of eternity, in our conversations, reading, praying, and thinking. And truly, we are ageless, in that our spirits will live forever. In Heaven, 10 or 20 years won’t matter in the slightest.

I am reading two books right now. That’s what you do when you can’t decide which one to read first. They are “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee, and “The Blood of the Cross” by Andrew Murray. I was pleasantly startled to read this in Murray’s book last night. He was talking about the word “eternal” and what it means in scripture. It went so well with my thoughts of earlier that day.

“The object of Scripture in using that word is to teach us that if our faith lays hold on what is eternal, it will manifest itself in us as a power superior to all the changeableness of our mind or feelings, with a youth which never grows old, and with a freshness which does not for a moment whither.”

Mr. Murray put into words what I struggled to identify. I knew exactly what he was talking about when I read it. And if you have the eternal Spirit of the Living God dwelling inside of you, then I’m sure it will resonate with your heart as well.

(Think I’ll let my hair grow out grey. I’m gonna live forever!)


Amy said...

I fully agree! I, too, have experienced this same thing. The chronological human ages of my fellow blogging friends doesn't/hasn't mattered much. As you said, it's because we all share the spiritual connection of being brothers and sisters in Christ. It's been a beautiful thing to feel so united, so belonged, so together with others in this manner. I do believe it's a beautiful glimpse into what we will experience One day in our eternal Heaven.

~Amy :)

RJW said...

I will be 45 in November and I wouldn't trade the years for anything; regardless of tears, goodbyes, and a less than 20something body, God has only grown sweeter to me as I have learned more and more how much He loves me.

"Deep calls out to deep" is how I feel about my online "family." How is it that my brother in Malaysia or South Africa or Canada or South Carolina or my sister in New Zealand or Pennsylvania or Canada can know my heart? Because they know the heart of my Father, and my Husband, and we share the same Spirit.

God is so good. Beautiful post.

Maureen said...

Hi Amy and Jamie.

Eternity is something I used to think about before God called me to Himself. I used to want to do something that would "matter" beyond today, something that would last forever.

I think God puts eternity in our hearts. It's like when a child loses his parents at a very young age, and is adopted by strangers. As he grows up, he sometimes has a fuzzy memory, and a yearning; for his home, his mom and dad. But he can't identify exactly what he longs for. This is how we long for our Heavenly home, and our Heavenly Father.

How blessed we are, to have the sure promise of an eternity spent with our Savior. And each other!

Thanks for stopping by. See you both in eternity!

William said...

This is probably why the Scripture is careful most of the time to not describe physical appearances. (We have little or no idea what Paul looked like or how Jesus looks). God is uninterested but what matters is eternal and unchanging. Even in those who are perishing, all that matters is that which is dead and will be imprisoned forever, not their flesh.

Maureen said...

Hi William. I agree. Holy Spirit didn't bother with physical descriptions. Likely if He had, we would be distracted from the main message.

Having a grasp of the eternal colors all of our relationships. I really don't think we can ever be "too heavenly minded to be no earthly good" if our heavenly mindedness is focused on the person of Jesus Christ, and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, both in the physcial world and in our hearts.