Tuesday, November 26, 2013

At the Cross

But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Galations 6:14)

How many things pull my thoughts and my heart away from God? From the truth of Jesus Christ crucified? It all begins, and ends, in that. If I take the truths of the implications of the Cross, and apply them to every situation and concern, I can only find hope. I can only find mercy. I can only find justice. I can only find victory. If I keep the Cross in view, if I imagine a continual cleansing flow, from His wounds, over me, I can only know joy and peace. If I imagine a shadow cast from His Cross, over all the world, over all history, over all the future, hope grows in me. No matter the reports of man. No matter my own inward confusions. They do not decide outcomes. They do not determine truth. Both of these are made complete in the Cross.

Not for a moment only
To lift my weight of sin
Nor simply to grant freedom 
And peace so deep within

But looking unto Jesus
Each moment I believe
Continually, forever
His blessings I receive

His body does not hang there
The nails, the wood, are gone
But in His body, always
The precious wounds belong

They serve as a reminder
Of all that they procured
And in them I find refuge
By them, my heart is stirred

Hi cross has cast its shadow
From 'ere time had begun
it reaches to the future
Its victory is won

His cross has been my portion
Has healed my broken past
It still will lead me onward
As long as life will last

For 'neath the cross of Jesus
So tiny I become
Each care and worry shrinking
Each knot of fear undone

Its shadow is my blanket
Of peace and promised rest
I curl up, safe, contented
His grace becomes my nest

My heart is sure to wander
Play fast and loose with grace
But gently He will bring me
Back to my hiding place

I cling to His dear promise
I gladly run the race
Keep looking unto Jesus
Until I see His face

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