Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We’ll know You when we see You, Lord
When freed from this life’s hold,
And carried to our final home
To walk on streets of gold.

While in this earthly body now
Our eyes but dimly see.
The beauty that is fully Yours
We’ll view eternally.

For now as in a glass so dim
With feeble sight, in part.
But then full known You’ll be to us,
As us to You now art.

We’ll need no one to introduce us.
Standing at Your throne,
You’ll look at us with that same love
That let us be Your own.

We’ll know You by the wounds You bear.
Though given long ago.
These marks You will forever wear
That all may look and know

The price You paid to set us free,
When led so meek and mild,
You took our place at Calvary
So each would be Your child.

With faith we look to what will be
When we will be transformed.
Completely from all sin set free
Pure worship we’ll perform.

This truth to us an anchor sure
We wait in hope, enduring;
So zealous to have hearts made pure
To show at Your appearing.

All praise and thanks to You we give
For only by Your grace
We have eternal life to live
And strength to run this race.

The here and now is but a taste
Of what You have in store
When not a second will we waste;
We’ll praise forevermore.

So till that time when faith is sight
O Lord be pleased to give
Your grace to make our hearts more right;
Our lives to you we’ll live.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but
then face to face; now I know in part,
but then I will know fully just as I also
have been fully known. (1Cor 13:12)


mercygraceword said...

so glad your cold hasn't dulled your poetic senses.

Thanks for blessing us with this


Ike said...

Maureen....when you catch your first glimpse of your will not be the face of a stranger.

Wow...keep using your gift!

Maureen said...

Ike, I think of "that day" often. I guess we all do. It is like thinking of, and looking forward to, every birthday, wedding, Christmas day of your life, times a zillion. Can't even begin to imagine...but unlike any of those other "special" days, it will not disappoint, and it will never, ever end. It will be the beginning of forever.

Thank you for your encouragement. I posted some poems I had written previously under the "Poems" tab.

Anonymous said...

Will "we" know everything in heaven? Well...we will know alot, but we will not know everything. Why? Because heaven is about that. Throughout all eternity we will be on a wild passionate pursuit of knowing God. And every day He will fill our coffer's to the brim...and we will think there is nothing left to give...and He will fill them again with new ever increasing knowledge of His glory. It's such a splendid thing! But what's so wonderful in John 17...we are told that we start that now! For this is eternal life-know Him. We start that now!!