Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When will the time come when I have every confidence in myself?
Never because I know something of me and there are too many things there to get in the way to sabotage prevent ruin or totally destroy a good result so the best thing to do is to look outside of me and trust Someone else for the outcome.

Consider the lilies of the field.

Just one minute aspect of creation.
There is so much more that cries out to us that there is indeed a Master Designer.
All of creation is waiting confident I am sure of final restoration.
Not like us who fear and tremble in our so small faith.
Sometimes I envy these plants and rocks and fish.
The don’t really have a mind to make up or a wrong wish to resist only following the pattern they are cut out from.

What about faces with no hope?

Eyes that have given up seeing?
They look but don’t expect to find so they miss the whole point of it all.
Can you imagine a sadder story than that of even one life wasted?
Created for glory but bound for destruction.
Oh the tragedy of hope never even dreamed of when it has existed forever!

So many blind eyes and frozen hearts.

What can melt them?
When will they see the beauty of the Truth?
It is a picture I can never paint.
A story I can never tell.
It has to be revealed.
It is too opposite foreign to anyone’s mind or understanding.

Think of something just because it is.
Like air,
soft breath on a summer night.
Warm and calm and still like peace coming after a raging battle.
A fierce storm but the wrath of it passes and healing falls in gentle drops of rain that feed instead of crush,
and wind becomes welcome refreshment when it slows down to kiss your face.
It is cool though the air around you is warm.
It is from somewhere else.
It is meant just for you.
Sent just to you for this precise moment, this exact time.
And so you close your eyes to receive it and you know it is because of Love.
And you trust and don’t fear because in an instant you know you realize that you are of much more value than a sparrow,
and this kind of care is nothing like what anyone else could give you.
Why would you look further when you have found this Pearl of Great Price?

Pearls grow in oysters.

What a perfect place to become what they are meant to be.
How many were never yet found and how big will they grow?
As many as are meant to be found will be found.

How many details are there in one life in one moment of time?

Who can fathom it?
Think if it and be humbled.
Who are we to say anything to the Potter?

How many people can you fit into your life?

How many things books jobs projects trips prayers? (Need more of those.)

Can a soul be barren like a desert then spring up with new life?

Babies are fresh and new and they mean hope.
But it doesn’t always end well.
We all started out that way.
How many miss the only thing that matters.

What if all our thoughts were recorded instantly?

Wow that would be a big book.
How many of them have true meaning or value?
I remember when I just wanted to have mattered.
To make a difference.
Otherwise what is the point?
Like an old gravestone with words no longer legible.
That is how most lives are.
Come and gone all for nothing.
How many really made a difference for eternity.
That’s all there is to hope for surely.


Anonymous said...

"How many really made a difference for eternity"

If we were to get an acurate report of what is going on in the world we would be shocked. The biggest thing going on is "christianity" because God has done a work....He is doing a work....and He will do a work. His plans will not falter if we do not cooperate. Yet He has given us the "privilege" to be a part of His plan. The question is how much of a part do we want?

William said...


You wrote:

"Can you imagine a sadder story than that of even one life wasted?
Created for glory but bound for destruction."

This is, indeed sad.

You wrote:
"Pearls grow in oysters.
What a perfect place to become what they are meant to be."

Colossians 3:3 says:
"For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God."