Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Garden

I look out the window,
Just a glance, and see
Happy blossoms yellow
Facing not to me.

But they're looking outward
Seeking for the sun.
Waiting for the golden rays
That will warm each one.

Presently contented
To be in the shade.
Maybe they are resting
In the One Who made

All things that are living;
Every single one.
He made them for His glory,
He made them through His Son.

Do those flowers yellow
Hear each chirping bird?
Is there some connection,
Are those voices heard?

So they seem to me to
Join with all around
That which likewise reaches,
Stretching from the ground.

All around in nature
Live those things He made
Working all together
In life's grand parade.

How I long to be like
Some sweet, happy bloom.
Growing in the sunlight,
Sleeping by the moon.

Hap'ly taking what my
God has planned for me.
In times of spring or winter.
Content to simply be.

Bringing Him the glory
He has made me for;
Resting in His presence.
Safe, forevermore.

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mercygraceword said...

Lovely, and picturesque.