Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good To Me

I called You "Daddy" yesterday
As so quickly I did pray
In thanks for all You do for me.
My heart was full! There had to be
Some kind of letting out

Of all that joy accumulated
Grace on grace,I calculated
From before I was yet born.
Blessings rich upon me poured
Beyond what I can count.

It just leapt out so naturally;
"Thank you Daddy!". Could it be
My heart is melting ever slowly
As You look on me, so lowly;
Yet precious in your sight!

Why are You so good to me?
I don't deserve it, can't you see?
I've gone for years with head bowed low;
For surely all the world must know
How far I am from right.

But You have lifted up my head!
And now I need no longer dread
The present, past or what's to come
I'm in You now, forever home
Content to simply be.

Thank you Father, from my heart
My life is Yours, in every part
Your goodness flows beyond all measure
Lord you are my dearest treasure;
You are so good to me!


Lon said...

Thank you for sharing, this is absolutely beautiful!!!

God Bless everyone!!!


mercygraceword said...

what an amazing wonderful resting place you've found. This is lovely.