Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winding Down (?)

Now that the G8/G20 and World Soccer Series are over, we are hearing more about the Gulf Oil Spill. Good timing, since yesterday they installed a new cap over the leak. Will it hold? That is the question of the hour. Taking nearly three days to install, it is certainly hoped that it will, finally, staunch the incredible flow of oil that has been surging into the water for almost three months.

It seems incredible to me that the leak has gone on this long. Hearing the statistics on how many gallons per day etc. have been leaking, it seems as though there is no end to it. But it must have an end somewhere. I can't help but compare it to a human body that is losing blood quickly, and every effort is being made to staunch the flow. It's as though the earth is "bleeding out", with this main "artery" having a ruptured "aneurysm".

I wonder how many are praying that this will be a success. I wonder how many "chiefs" from British Petroleum are resorting to begging God to let it work. Seems we always do all we can do in our own strength first, and leave Him as a last resort. Just another disaster that took us by surprise, reminding us that we aren't as big and powerful as we thought we were.


Anonymous said...

"But it must have an end somewhere."

Why doesn't the sun burn out? It must have an end somewhere? Just a thought:-)

Suppresst said...

Now that the "disaster" is over, they can't find the oil and only a few beaches were closed in Louisiana, none in Florida. Where has gone the perceptive detective in you that sniffed out the hype behind the swine flu "disaster" this past winter?

Maureen said...

Hi Bill. Guess I wasn't as badgered with the oil spill hype here in Canada as I was with the Swine Flu propaganda. At any rate, "disaster" or not, my point was that we humans continue to think we can "manage" anything that comes our way. But the day will come when we will be utterly helpless in the hands of an angry God, Who is a consuming fire.