Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Things are Right

Can anything be more precious in life,
Than a heart that is right with the LORD?

Could money obtain, secure, or regain,
The rest only grace can afford?

An apple, so shiny, and bright red, with candy,
Can sparkle and catch the eye

But hidden within, are bruises, like sin,
That fester unseen, and defile.

O joy of knowing His forgiving embrace,
Of meeting His gaze without shame.

Much dearer and priceless, more lovely by far,
Than all idols your heart longed to claim.

O LORD grant us grace, these lessons to learn,
Us who are dull, fickle, and vain.

We long to be like you, our heart next to yours,
With nary a blemish or stain.

Teach us our weakness, our proneness to fail,
So daily we might look to You,

For strength and discernment, and grace, to prevail,
In striving to be, like You, true.

Reward here and now, in knowing You near,
So rich, undeserved, and so sweet;

To think that there waits, in heaven, for us,
Delights that we have yet to meet.

But may we look forward, in all of our hope,
Most often, most deeply, with love,

To the moment, and moments, forever to come,
Seeing You, face to face, at last Home.


Daveda said...

The end of this makes me think of my grandma who just went home to be with the Lord. Beautiful :)

Ike said...

What a wonderful read to end "our" evening. Carol and I were both blessed. made my wife cry! But those were tears of joy and hope!!!!

P.S. I think I'll buy the book.."Your Best Life Now"...just to burn it!! Nah...Joel has enough money!!

Maureen said...

Daveda, the first time I went to a "Christian" funeral, I was overwhelmed by the sense of joy, thanksgiving, hope and celebration that was present. Praise God for an inheritance that is secure, waiting for us in heaven!

Maureen said...

Ike, to think that this poem brought tears of joy to Carol, and blessing to you both.....I praise God for His kind working in all of our lives. To Him be the glory.

Girl in a Glass House said...


The line that affected me the most was
"Teach us our weakness, our proneness to fail,
So daily we might look to You"

My greatest sin is that of self sufficiency! This needs to be more than words to me...this needs to be a heart cry!

*thanks IKE for leading me to this blog!

Sarah Dawn said...

'Delights that we have yet to meet" blessed my day in more ways that words could ever capture.

Thank you for shining and reflecting the hope of glory.

Blessings from the mission field,
Sarah Dawn

Maureen said...

Girl in a Glass House- I know what you mean about self sufficiency. That's a hard one to let go of. Thank God that He uses an endless variety of ways to bring us to the end of ourselves!

Maureen said...

Sarah Dawn, thanks for leaving a comment! Lovely to meet you.