Friday, August 22, 2008

A Poem

The Meeting Place

I know You’re there Lord, waiting,waiting,
In our meeting place.
I hear You whisper “come to me,
Let go life’s hurried pace.”

How long, O Lord, since we last met,
Since last our hearts did touch?
The loss is mine, since Martha-like
I worry over much

Of here and now and what’s to be,
And things I’ve left undone.
When all the while I’ve set aside
My precious Holy One.

For since you first took back my heart
I’ve known Your tender grace
To be my greatest peace and strength.
My joy, to seek Your face.

In days gone by, my heart would burst
With news to share with You.
With songs of praise and thankfulness,
And prayers yet to come true.

In those dear times, I heard you speak
Your wisdom without words.
You showed my heart that Holy Writ
My mind had only heard.

How can this be? What caused my heart
To turn to other treasures?
When at your feet, sweet Jesus Lord,
I’ve known unending pleasures.

O won’t You now to me impart
Once more Your healing grace?
Restore my heart to one of flesh,
That I may see Your face?

For even though I’ve turned aside,
Let vanity hold sway,
I still know deep within my soul
You are the only way.

To life and hope and joy and peace.
I love You Lord, ‘tis true.
But please give grace to this poor heart
That I may more love You.


Sandra said...

Hi Melanie,

I've lost your email address. I've been wondering how you are doing.


William said...

You have a gift for poetry.

As regards our straying from the Lord, I know that for me it results from lack of patience, and lack of trust in his promises.